Tinder Not Working: Common Issues and How to Fix Them

Sometimes users get frustrated when their Tinder account suddenly stops working. There can be many reasons behind this but users have no idea why it is doing this. When they don’t get a solution, they get tired quickly and decide to quit the application out of frustration which is not the real solution to this problem.

It is not at all that there is any fault in this application, but sometimes due to technical problems, it is not able to perform its work correctly. Tinder is a dream application on which millions of users come on a daily basis in search of their partners. If Tinder is not working properly on your Android or iOS device, it could also be an internal server issue or something else which also can be fixed easily by a non-technical person without being stuck anywhere.  So let’s go ahead and try to find out in this article what kind of problems Tinder can face and what solutions are available for the users.

Some common Errors in Tinder

When you are using the Tinder app, you may encounter some common errors that can cause frustration. Here we will discuss some common problems that mostly occur in this application:

Login Issue: Sometimes users can’t log in to their Tinder account due to certain reasons like wrong login details, and connectivity issues. If users have forgotten their username and password, they cannot access the application as Tinder does not compromise security.

Account Suspension: If a user is promoting illegal activities on Tinder that are against the privacy and policy of this application, Tinder may suspend its account and not let them enter until they do not describe any valid reason.

App Crashes: Due to software bugs and device compatibility issues, the app may crash due to which users cannot perform any operations on it.

Location Issue: Due to this issue, many users are failing to find matches for their preferred places, Because they don’t know how to set the location properly.

Don’t panic if you are facing these issues in the app. In this guide, you will learn how to fix most of the issues.

Verify the Tinder Servers

As you know, Tinder is an online dating app that does all the work through its server. Sometimes due to technical issues its server stops working and you cannot access the app. In such a situation, most of the users do not understand what they should do. If you ever encounter a server-side issue, go to downdetector to confirm it. If there is really a problem in the server, the technical team will fix it in some time.

Restart Your Mobile

Is the Tinder app not running on your smartphone due to  bugs? Often such a problem occurs, but there is nothing to worry about. In such a situation, first of all, you have to restart your device whatever you have (iPhone, Android). Press and hold the power button for 2 to 3 seconds until the selection menu appears, Ignore the rest of the options and tap on the Restart button. After a few seconds, Once the device is turned on, open the tinder app and start finding perfect matches again.

Check Your WIFI Connection

Tinder is an online dating app that you cannot access without an internet connection. If your internet is not stable, you will not be able to use Tinder. To fix this issue, you have to restart your internet modem and turn off the wifi from your mobile and turn it on again. If even after doing this the internet is unstable then you have to contact your internet service provider to fix this problem.

Update Tinder App

Every app gets updated over time, many bugs are fixed and new features are also introduced compared to the old version of the app. Tinder is also like those apps, which are constantly updated to make the app better for users. Due to the old version, tinder does not work properly, so users should always keep it up to date with the latest version. To update tinder, go to your playstore/Appstore and open your profile setting, Scroll down and tap on My Apps section All the installed apps will be there, search for tinder and click on the update button.

Use Cellular Data Instead Wifi

If you are using wifi connection and the app does not work on it, then you have to switch your internet from wifi to cellular data. It may be possible that your Wi-Fi connection is suffering from a technical issue due to which the app is not running.

For this you have to turn off your wifi connection and switch on mobile data, By doing this the app will start working.

Disable Battery Saver Mode

Users activate the saver mode of the mobile to consume less battery due to which some apps cannot work properly. Tinder is also one of those apps that cannot perform its function optimally due to the activation of battery saver mode.

To disable Battery Saver, go to your phone’s Settings, scroll down and select “Battery”, find the “Battery Saver” option, and click on it. If the toggle switch is enabled, disable it. If the app doesn’t run even after this solution, let’s move to a new problem.

Reinstall Tinder App

If the tinder app is not working on the mobile despite all possible efforts, then the last solution is to delete the app and install it again. By doing this, all the bugs in the app will be removed and it will be clear from all problems. For this, you need to follow few basic steps to delete an app from mobile phones:

  • Go to the mobile home screen and find the Tinder app icon.
  • Press and hold the icon with your thumb until a pop-up menu appears
  • Touch the uninstall option on Android and remove the app on iOS to successfully delete Tinder from your phone.
  • Open the Play Store and App Store on your smartphones and reinstall the Tinder app once again.

Clear Tinder Storage Data 

Tinder often doesn’t work properly if you have some corrupt files on your mobile. To fix this problem, you have to clear app storage data and cache which is easy and doesn’t take much time to do. Follow the steps below to do so now:

  • Open the device setting and move toward the Apps section>> Manage Apps.
  • Scroll down to search the tinder app from the provided list and click on it.
  • In the end, Tap the clear storage and cache button.
  • That’s it.

Close Tinder App Forcefully

Is your Tinder progress still not working? So, you can force close the app to fix this issue on smartphones. You can solve this problem by following some basic steps.

So, Hold your mobile phones and open settings. Scroll down and find Apps & Notification Section. To perform an action on the tinder app, open it and finally press the force close button. After this process, try to open the tinder app again.

Contact With Tinder Support

Through support, users can find a solution to any problem related to the tinder app because here you will be guided in a better way. For this, go to tinder help support and select your issue from the drop down list, complete the required field and click on the submit request button. Soon you will get the solution to your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your tinder app is not working then check the above-mentioned problems one by one such as check internet connection, switch to cellular data, update tinder app, check battery saver mode etc. If the problem is still not solved, go to customer service support.

This mostly happens when users have a slow internet connection. Disable your internet and enable it again and see if the problem is fixed or not.

It happens when you put wrong login credentials such as username and password. Also, due to temporary issues with the app, you will not be able to enter tinder. Reset your password if you’ve forgotten it.


You may face many temporary problems while using the tinder app, but they will not have any negative impact on your account. In this guide we have discussed various issues and their solutions like server error, login issue, app crash and more. The rest of the problems sometimes appear, but the problem of internet connection often occurs to users.

Moreover, if the Tinder app is not working after applying all these solutions, its customer support will be available to the users at all times where any of their issues will be resolved.

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