How to Use Tinder Effectively : A Complete Guide

Do you encounter any issues while using the Tinder app like you don’t know how to operate it, or have trouble understanding its interface? If you are going through such issues, then these problems of yours are going to go away today because we have come here with a complete solution.

In this article, we will describe in detail how to use the Tinder app and its functions with ease to find perfect matches. It is being used by 100 million people with a 4.0 star rating, which shows how popular it is for users. The main purpose of this app is to find your potential matches with whom you can start a new relationship. Anyway, let’s move to the tinder application and try to know its function.

Create Your Tinder Account

First, understand how to create a Tinder account, without which you cannot enter the app. Follow the steps we are going to describe to create an account without getting stuck anywhere.

  • Turn on your mobile data and download tinder app from Google Palystore or Appstore.
  • Once this job is done, open the app and login with your active Facebook account, Gmail, and phone number. Here we will continue with Facebook.
  • A prompt will appear on your screen. Tap “Continue”, it will access your facebook information.
  • After that, it will prompt you to turn on the location. Tap “ok”.
  • Go to the app setting and check mark notifications that you want to receive such as Messages, Super Likes, New Matches, etc. After doing this, your tinder account will be created.

Understand Interface Of Tinder App

  • When you start searching for a match for you, profiles with photo, age, name and short bio will appear on the screen.
  • Just below the user’s profile, you will see some icon buttons that perform various operations within the app such as Undo, Dislike, Boost, Like & super Like.
    • Undo: You can only use it if you have a Tinder subscription. If you move forward by swiping a profile to the left, you can use the undo to go back to the previous profile.
    • Dislike: If you don’t like a profile, you can move to the next profile by pressing the dislike icon button.
    • Boost: By pressing this icon, your profile will be boosted for the next 30 minutes from which a maximum number of people will be able to see your profile. This feature is also given in tinder premium, but users can also use it once a month for free.
    • Like: This icon indicates that you are interested in this profile and want to establish a relationship with it. You can also swipe right to perform this action.
    • Super Like: Pressing this icon means that you are deeply interested in the profile in front and want to establish a relationship with him/her in any case. You can use this feature only 3 times in a month within the free version.
  • In addition, an icon with 3 dots will always appear in the upper right corner of the app screen where your conversations with your matches are collected.
  • Between the profile and messages icon in the top center of the screen, you’ll see another icon called Tinder Social Mode. Once you enable Social Mode, you will be visible to other users in your chosen location during a specific time frame.
  • A profile icon will appear in the upper left corner of the screen where you can set your profile and also change the profile information as per your requirement.

Set Up Tinder Profile

  • Open the app and tap setting icon which will be on the opposite side of edit info icon
  • After opening the setting, you will have to enter some information about your potential search such as location, distance, gender, age so that you can find accurate matches. Additionally, if you are interested in entering the card stack, turn on the “show me on Tinder” button and turn it off whenever you want to leave it.
  • You’ll find a web profile section in Tinder’s settings where you can set your username, which will make you stand out to people. It will never happen that the name you set will never change, you can replace it whenever you want.
  • If you want to receive notifications of someone’s reactions to your profile such as message, like, super like, dislike, then you can turn their switches On/Off. Additionally, You can also set their notification on Vibration and sound mode.
  • Furthermore, if you want to enable multiple premium features, you need to purchase a Pro subscription, which you can enable from the app’s settings. Moreover, here you will have access to other options such as privacy and policy, community guidelines, support, etc. which you can use whenever you need. 

Editing Tinder Profile

  • Open the app and select the Edit Info button which is placed on the opposite side of the gear icon Settings button. 
  • Click the Edit Info button at the bottom of the screen to change the profile picture and manage other photos. It allows you to upload up to six photos at a time, the first one will be your featured photo and the rest will show related. If you’re not sure which would be best as a feature, turn on the smart photos switch and Tinder will automatically test your given photos and set one of them in your profile that people like.
  • Next, Tinder will ask its users for a short bio of up to 500 words where you write about yourself, who you are and what you expect from the application. An honest bio will go a long way in finding a better match for your personality.
  • Other than that, Here you can also add additional information such as Job title, Company Name where you are currently working and school.
  • Users can also integrate their Tinder profile with their other social accounts including Instagram, Spotify etc. through which the data of these accounts can also be fetched here.
  • Tinder also offers an “I Am” feature where users can select from various gender options if you’re not satisfied with displaying people. Additionally, if you don’t want to display your gender on your profile, turn off the “Show my gender on my profile” switch.
  • If you have a Tinder Plus subscription, then you have additional features in this app to hide your profile details such as age and distance.
  • Once you have set your entire profile, click on the “Done” option that will appear on the top right corner of your mobile screen to save your editing.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Message Someone On Tinder?

The first condition for this is that both of them have swiped right on each other’s profiles. Then,  you will see a 3 dot bubble icon on your match profile by clicking it you can start a conversation with it.

How Do I Swipe Right Or Left On Tinder?

After making sure you are satisfied with the displayed profile, place your finger on the screen and swipe it to the right, but if you don’t like it, swipe your finger to the left.

Final Verdict

Finally, we conclude with essential information on how you can find a date and life partner for yourself using Tinder. It is one of the best user-friendly online dating apps. Moreover, in this article, we have also provided some basic information about this application: how we can create Tinder profiles, its interface, how to edit Tinder profiles, etc. The features used in tinder including boost, like, super like are extremely easy to understand for every newbie. We were personally impressed with its rewind feature as it is not available in other popular dating apps. If you want all its premium functionality for free then you can download the Tinder Mod Apk version and get premium benefits without any cost.

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