Reason Why Tinder Banned Your Account – Solutions Guide

Most users search queries on Google to unban their Tinder account which happened due to breaking some rules, But they don’t know how to restore this app. Due to the lack of a solution, they get frustrated and stop using the app. Tinder clearly states in its Terms of Use and Community Guidelines that any user who tries to break its rules will be permanently banned. 

But if the user did not break the rules, then they can get their banned account back and prove the allegations wrong due to which their account has been banned. Tinder is a very sensitive app that does not allow anyone to play with the emotions of the users. This is the reason why this app does not allow any kind of mistake in terms of privacy and terminates your account immediately. But if you did not break any rule and someone filed a complaint against you, in this article we will tell you how to get unbanned from Tinder.

Why Does Tinder Ban Users?

Tinder is the world’s favorite online dating app which has several rules and if you try to break them, it will confiscate your account. Below we are going to mention the most common reason due to which the user’s Tinder account may be banned.

Inappropriate Behavior and use of offensive language

Creating an account on Tinder doesn’t mean you can behave inappropriately with someone to hurt them. If your match is made with someone and you use offensive language during massages, your account will be confiscated in case someone files a complaint. Additionally, If you send explicit photos to your match without consent, your account may be suspended.

Fake Profile & Catfishing

Many users on tinder create fake profiles to deceive people. Their aim is to hack your personal data and make illegal demands from you. You have to act very smartly to avoid them. If you fall into their trap, you will never trust Tinder and other similar apps for the rest of your life. If you suspect someone while using the app, feel free to report it to Tinder and action will be taken if it turns out to be a fake account. Tinder is a user-friendly and entertaining app but it does not tolerate any kind of abuse with its users.

Nudity & Sexual Content

Tinder is strictly against nudity and sexual content and does not allow users to store such indecent content on their profiles. If this type of inappropriate content is found from you, it means that you have tried to break the rules of this app, after which you cannot expect any kind of lenience from tinder. Your profile appearance will be deleted and you will be banned for exceeding the limit.


If you try to behave inappropriately with someone in the messages, tinder has the freedom to immediately confiscate your account. Additionally, if you send the same message to multiple profiles, your account may be banned after spammy content is detected. Tinder collects feedback about you from your matched users and warns you if it receives persistently incorrect feedback, and terminates your account if you don’t stop.

Homophobic Identity

Tinder clearly mentions in its policy that people from the LGBTQ+ community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and others) are not allowed to create accounts. And even if they manage to create an account based on false identity, this application algorithm will detect them and can ban anytime. It respects its users and will never want you to match with someone whose sexual preference is not normal.

Advertising & Promotion

Tinder does not allow you to advertise anything, not even your own product or brand. If you engage in any such activity, you will be liable to have your account banned. It is an online dating app where you can find a good friend or life partner just for yourself.

Underage Use

The interesting thing about this app is that any user who is below 18 years of age cannot create their profile, whether a girl or a boy. Tinder has clearly stated in its terms and conditions that no user under the age of 18 has the right to use this app. If you create a profile by specifying the wrong age, your account will be banned without asking for any proof.

Third-Party Apps & Tools  Not Allowed

These third-party apps are cracked versions of official apps that allow users to access premium features without purchasing the required subscription and if you use them, there is a high chance that you may get banned. Apart from this, a large number of malware are found in these apps which can be harmful to your device. 

Posting offensive images

Before posting a picture on Tinder, read its policy once so that you know what kind of picture you can add on the profile. An image that does not show the user’s face clearly will not be acceptable. An offensive photo that raises suspicion against you can lead to the banning of your tinder account.

Poor Behavior Rating

Another interesting thing is that Tinder has also introduced a rating feature that collects feedback about you from different people. If you continue to misbehave with your matches, they will give you a bad rating, which will result in your account being terminated. The rating will depend on fake profiles, harassment, and sharing of offensive messages, etc.

Possible Solutions: How to Get Unbanned from Tinder

Do you think that you have not broken any rule of tinder but your account has been banned? If yes, let us tell you some solutions by which the account can be restored again.

Appeal on Tinder Support

It is possible that the Tinder account you were using the last day has been banned the next day and you don’t even know about it. If this ever happens, contact tinder support immediately and find out the reason for the account ban. Its support system will investigate your account and explain the reason for banning you. If you believe these allegations are false, you can appeal them and the account will be reinstated if the charges are found to be false.

Wait for a While

Tinder has set some parameters of rules violation according to which it determines whether the account should be banned temporarily or permanently. If you have made a minor mistake, it is possible that your account may be banned for a few days and after the period ends, your profile will be restored again. So you should be patient for some time and then proceed to account creation.

Create a New Tinder Account

If you have failed to substantiate the allegations against you, try to create a new tinder account with a different phone number, email, and payment method. In this, you will have to work to collect data again which was present in your previous account. Here you will once again struggle to build your scratch account to the same quality as before.

Use VPN to Get Back Tinder

If you are still unable to unbanned tinder after trying all the methods, you can get back into your account again by using VPN. You can download any VPN and enter your account with the help of a different location and IP address. But remember that this is not a permanent solution as Tinder can detect you at any time and you can be banned again.

Frequently Asked Question

If you ever face this problem, you can cancel the membership by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open your phone’s settings.
  2. Tap on your name section and select Subscription.
  3. Here you will see all your subscriptions, search Tinder app and click Cancel Subscription.
  1. Go to your google playstore 
  2. Select menu bar and tap on subscription
  3. Enter Cancel Tinder Subscription button

Users should be aware of community guidelines to protect themselves from ban. The app should be used for its true purpose and avoid doing illegal activities like catfishing, fake profiles, inappropriate content, etc. If you behave well with people, they will give positive feedback about yourself and if you ever make a mistake, Tinder can ignore the mistake based on that feedback.

Yes, you can submit your appeal to the Support Center with proven evidence that you have not violated Tinder’s policy. If the proof provided by you is found to be correct, the ban on the account will be removed.

If you were banned for a specific reason, Tinder will never delete your account for a specified period of time. But you will not have access to this app in any case until you prove the allegations against you wrong. Additionally, you will not be able to create a new Tinder account with a Facebook ID, Gmail, or phone number that has already been banned.


All these things prove that Tinder does not compromise on its privacy policy. It does not allow you to play with someone’s emotions and immediately takes action against you and as a result your account is confiscated. The special feature of this application is that it gives users the freedom to appeal to disprove the allegations leveled against them. Throughout this guide, you are explained in detail why Tinder bans your account and how to get unbanned from Tinder if it is ever possible.

Additionally, if you believe in yourself that you haven’t broken any Tinder rules, don’t lose hope, it won’t abuse you in any way.

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