Tinder vs Bumble: Making the Right Connection Choice

Tinder vs Bumble

Are you guys confused about choosing between Tinder or Bumble? Both of these apps are popular to find the perfect date partner on the internet. Their working principle is also almost the same, but despite having the same purpose, they are different from each other in many features. Bumble’s specialty is that it requires a … Read more

Tinder Not Working: Common Issues and How to Fix Them

Tinder Not Working

Sometimes users get frustrated when their Tinder account suddenly stops working. There can be many reasons behind this but users have no idea why it is doing this. When they don’t get a solution, they get tired quickly and decide to quit the application out of frustration which is not the real solution to this … Read more

Making Tinder Easy: Your Guide to Subscription Plans

Tinder Subscription

Every user wants to use the premium feature to find the perfect match in Tinder to spend their time with, but they are unable to access the pro function of this application without buying the premium membership. If you want to use many upgraded features like super like, rewind, profile boost in this app then … Read more

Steps to Delete Tinder Profile With and Without App


Are you not in favor of using Tinder anymore? Or want to break away from it for a while? And with this, you are thinking of deleting your Tinder account, but you are not aware of how to delete your profile from this application.  Tinder is an online dating app where people can find their … Read more

Reason Why Tinder Banned Your Account – Solutions Guide


Most users search queries on Google to unban their Tinder account which happened due to breaking some rules, But they don’t know how to restore this app. Due to the lack of a solution, they get frustrated and stop using the app. Tinder clearly states in its Terms of Use and Community Guidelines that any … Read more